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Tuesday, 14 December 2021

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The outer, middle, and inner ear are the three sections of your ear. The OAE test determines how effectively your inner ear, or cochlea, functions. It detects otoacoustic emissions, often known as OAEs. When the inner ear responds to a sound, it emits these sounds. The inner ear contains hair cells that vibrate in response to sound. A very quiet sound is produced by the vibration, which echoes back into the middle ear. This is the OAE that is being measured.

You will produce OAEs if your hearing is normal. These very mild sounds will not be produced if your hearing loss is more than 25–30 decibels (dB).

This examination might also reveal if your outer or middle ear is blocked. No sounds will be able to reach the inner ear if there is a blockage. There will be no vibrations or sounds as a result of this.

How Does the OAE Work?
In your ear, a little earphone, or probe, is implanted. The probe sends noises into your ear and measures how loud they are when they return. During the test, you are not required to do or say anything. On the monitor screen, the individual doing the test may see the results.

A newborn hearing screening program frequently includes the OAE test.

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